SOTA 31 July 2018

Hi All,

I am back from Ann Arbor, where I had an absolutely wonderful time. Pam and Diane Wenzel are not only fantastic staff, they are wonderful hostesses. And the Art Fair was, as always excellent.
A large number of registrations arrived in my absence, so I am back to work. And very happy to report that we have a good turnout.

A reminder that if you haven’t booked your hotel room, it’s definitely time. We don’t have a huge block of rooms, and once they are gone, I may not be able to do much. So please reserve your room TODAY if you haven’t already done so.

Also, we have 1 table in the trade room. We’d love to fill it with something interesting. So if you SELL something interesting, let’s talk. Remember, we already have software, books, jewelry, and Young Living Oils. We’re open to pretty much anything else…

On other fronts, both Pre and Post-Conferences are filling. I think at least a couple will be sold out by September 21, so now is the best time to reserve.

Pre-Conference: Baris Ilhan

And speaking of Pre-Conferences, one of our Pre-Conference speakers is Baris Ilhan, who is here from Turkey. Here’s her Pre-Conference topic as well as descriptions of her two main conference lectures. Baris always has a slightly different take on things, and it’s definitely worth hearing her. So without further ado, her topics:

Mercury, Mars & Venus: The use of the Inner Planets as Agents for Improvement

From the ancient texts we learn that the sources of volitional acts are three powers: carnal (Venus), wrath (Mars) and speach (Mercury). 13th Century astrologer Nasiredin Tusi says that although other powers (Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn) are at their perfection, Mercury, Mars and Venus can be trained towards their perfection. During the workshop we will take a closer look at those planets and see how we can combine them in a way that carries us to loyalty, fidelity, compassion, love, submission, trust and joy.

Friday lecture: The Fourth House: Our Grave or Treasure?

The house of home, parents and roots, but also represents the hidden things, treasures and graves. We will see how this house can be our grave in a symbolical sense and how we can turn it into a treasure by working on the issues of the sign there.
(Intermediate or Advanced)

Saturday lecture: Veiled Power of the 12th House Planets

Since it is cadent and not aspected to the ascendent, 12th house is one of the most debilitated houses and the planets posited there are considered ineffectual. In a way this is true, but what if there is a veiled power there, and we can unveil it…

I think you’ll agree that these are interesting topics. Do check them out!

And while I’ve got you here, somebody asked about Kathy Rose’s luncheon lecture. So here’s the description of that one:

Kathy Rose Luncheon Lecture: Mystery Midpoints

This is a fun and profound exercise where we read an unidentified person’s natal chart using only the 90-degree midpoint sort. An amazing amount of information comes forward so easily! The identity of the well-known person is revealed after we analyze the statement from the midpoints.

Note that at this point we have only 3 spaces in this lecture, so if you want one of them, sign up NOW! When it’s full, it’s full!

I’ll be back sometime after August 15. And no, it’s not a vacation this time. It’s a hospitalization. They tell me I’ll be in for 5 days. I’m aiming for 3, but you never know. So figure after the 15th. Meanwhile, have a good start to August — and try to stay cool.