SOTA 30 Nov 2017

Hi Everyone,

First of all, as of today, the website is LIVE! That means you can register via PayPal. However, if you’re registering for the attendees-only discount (which expires December 31), you can’t do that online. A cheque is the only way to go.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about topics and speakers some. We try very hard to bring you a variety of topics and speakers — and we do our best to take your wants into account. Sometimes, however, we can’t accommodate you. For example, sometimes some speakers aren’t available. Other times, we just don’t get anything in on a particular topic. Now I could assign topics, but most speakers find that offensive — and I agree with them. So we try to work with what we have.

Financial astrology is a case in point. There just AREN’T a lot of good financial astrologers out there. This year, while we don’t have an actual financial lecture, we DO have a lecture on:

“The Coming Global Economic Reset” by William Stickevers

William is not only a good mundane astrologer, he is one of the few astrologers who actually seems to know something about bitcoin and is willing to talk about it. So you financial folks might want to come out and hear him on Friday. He’s here from California, so this is a rare chance to catch him live if you live in the EST.

We had no electional offerings last conference. If one of you would like to submit one for next year, let me know. Because we WILL look again. We had however, more success with asteroids.


Faith McInerney is going to do two hours on the four major asteroids plus Chiron on Saturday afternoon and Alan Clay will be will be doing  2 hours on Sedna that morning. And yes, technically Sedna is not an asteroid, but then neither is Chiron. These are centaurs. And last but not least, Brad Kochunas will be doing two hours on Chiron: Learning to Fall on Sunday.

Non-Astrological Topics

You asked for “more” John Marani, so this year he has a full one-hour slot. And if you love his as much this year as you did last year, we’ll bump him up to 2 hours for next year. We DO have to be a bit selective with the non-astrological topics, despite some of you wanting more. Not everyone shares this preference, and particularly in a UAC year, we are trying to accommodate everybody. Which is not to say I don’t support you.

In the beginning I envisioned a four-track conference with one track totally devoted to things related to astrology like Tarot, healing, numerology, etc. However, our budget does not allow that — and at this point we might have to find a bigger hotel if we want to do a bigger conference.

Additionally, while quite a number of our speakers lecture on non-astrological topics, it has turned out that they are surprisingly resistant to doing so. They want to be in the astrology track. Suffice to say that what we’ve got is what we’ve got — at least for this year. If enough of you are interested in a more metaphysical track, I’m still willing to explore it for 2019, but I’d need to know how much interest there is before committing to it. Up to you to let me know  and to support the more metaphysical offerings we ARE providing this year.

Last week I mentioned that we had 4 overseas speakers (and if you didn’t get that newsletter, you can read it here). I was and wasn’t wrong. If you’re going to split hairs, we actually have 4 1/2 overseas speakers. How can that be? Well, because Kelly Surtees, who is Australian but married to a Canadian, lives roughly half the year in Canada and half the year in Australia. She is much-loved in both places.

Pre-Conference Speaker:  Kelly Surtees

Kelly has been a SOTA lecturer many, many times. She is always one of the top-drawing speakers. So this year we’re doing a first. Kelly is the first local (by local I mean Buffalo/Niagara/GTA/Hamilton) speaker to be offered a Pre-Conference. The rule of thumb is generally “Locals don’t draw”. I am hoping that Kelly will prove that this isn’t the case, with her Pre-Conference topic.

“The Power of Prediction”

Discover how to time major life changes with astrology. Kelly will show you how to combine forecasting techniques like transits, progressions and firdaria, and guide you through the best ways to share your insights with clients. What do you say? How do you say it? Includes info on Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn.

So what do you think??? I think there’s something here for pretty much everybody — modern astrologers, traditional astrologers, and of course those of you who wander back and forth between  modern and traditional. Why not sign up for this early, show your support, and prove that rule wrong? It will save you a bit of money and guarantee you a seat. And I will guarantee that you’ll learn something.

As usual, please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends. The more the merrier at this conference — so long as you leave your ego  at the door! We don’t invite bigger- better- best games; if you enjoy those, please play them somewhere else…

See you next week!