SOTA 3 Feb 2018

Hi Everybody,

Good news! It is looking like we will have a full contingent of staff. Possibly including Angie Agnoni as well as most of our staff from last year. In the event that we have openings, I’ll keep you posted.
Meanwhile, let’s look at a couple of our lecture offerings. I know a lot of you are interested in Chiron, so let’s look at what Brad Kochunas is offering this year:

Chiron: Learning to Fall

Brad Kochunas

Chiron is well-known as the “Wounded Healer.” In this we recognize that his (our) wound is a lifelong condition. How can we come to understand our perpetual woundedness (our various pathologies, failures, defects) as the necessary compost to spur our psychospiritual growth and help shape who we are, and how can psychological astrology help?

As most of you know, Brad is a licensed mental health counselor. His lectures are invariably thought-provoking, which is why we keep bringing him back. This lecture will be no doubt be the same.
And while we’re talking about Brad, a reminder about the CONFESSIONS OF FAILURE panel, which Brad will be moderating. He will be joined by Wade Caves, Kelly Surtees, and William Stickevers. They’ll be talking about what happens when a prediction fails and how that might impact both you and the client. Whether you predict, forecast, or simply do natal work, there will be food for thought courtesy of four seasoned astrologers. So DO join them for what we hope will be an exciting, informative, bullshit-free hour. Also note that this will not be taped.

Just prior to the panel, you can hear more about Chiron and the Four Major Asteroids, courtesy of Faith McInerney. Here’s a description:

Chiron and the Four Major Asteroids

Faith McInerne

Chiron’s influences on procreation, diet, dress, work and residence are described by its aspects to Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno.

Clearly this is not the same old stuff. If you’re not afraid of asteroids and not afraid of midpoints, you’ve got some good information here to add to your bag of tricks.

So I DO hope you’ll consider joining us, for the day or for the duration. And please tell your friends to join us too. The more the merrier! We’re friendly and fun.

And now I have email to tend to. See you next week! And please tell your friends to join us too…