SOTA 28 Feb 2018

Hi Everyone,

Please give a big welcome to our staff: Pam Wenzel, registrar, Char Preston (aka Mrs. Sara’s mother), assistant registrar, Sara Cartwright, recordings, Jo Gleason, program book and social media coordinator, and Karen Sully, webmistress. And our monitors and tapers: Angie Agnoni, Heather Gronachan, Mo Saladin, Wende Sharma, Wendy Tutt, and Suki Seagull and Debbie Jocko. This conference wouldn’t happen without these people.

Now that staff is confirmed, I’ll be looking at vendors. So if you’re a vendor, stay tuned. If you want to be a vendor, or if you know someone you think would be ideal, message me.

Michael Barwick

And now I’m happy to announce that Michael Barwick is back as a speaker. And he’s got a topic I think a lot of you will be interested in. Here it is:

Many Happy Returns!

Every year, the Sun returns to the point where it was when you were born, on or near your birthday and charts cast for that moment are called solar returns. Did you know that there are two such points a chart can be cast: the natal position of the Sun and the precessed position of the Sun? This means every person has two Solar Return horoscopes for any given year. Join with Michael as he explores the meanings and applications of these two kinds of returns.

Nobody talks much about the differences between precessed and unprecessed returns. So if solar returns interest you, why not come to this? You may learn something.

And meanwhile, here’s a description of that luncheon lecture I’ve been telling you to keep your eye on:

Luncheon: Huber Aspects and Their Configurations

The Huber system of psychological astrology holds that aspect patterns in themselves have motivational significance. This luncheon talk will introduce Huber notions about the different kinds of aspects and how to approach interpreting them when they combine into different configurations. Although there are a lot of possible configurations, Michael will present some simple principles for synthesis of the major patterns.

Huber was very popular maybe 10 years ago. You hear less about it now, perhaps because both Hubers have left us. However, there’s even software specifiically designed for working with the Huber system. And the principles used here can be used no matter what your system of astrology. Join Michael for lunch, explore these ideas, and see how they work in your chart.

Meanwhile, please share SOTAnews with your friends. As always, we have something to offer at an affordable price.