SOTA 26 June 2018

Hi Everybody,
Well, if you didn’t register last week, the rate has increased. Still a bargain, but a bit less of one. So sorry for your luck.
I can tell you that not only have we met our June 21 registration target, we actually have also met our September 21 target. The registration was phenomenal. Thanks to all of you for making that happen — especially in a UAC year. I have upgraded the September 21 target accordingly.

This could very well be a full house, so if you haven’t reserved your hotel room, the time to do it is NOW. Just call the hotel and tell them you’re with SOTA to get the conference rate at the hotel.
A reminder that the Julie Simmons luncheon is now sold out and we expect the Michael Barwick lecture to follow suit. In fact, I am expecting all the luncheons to fill by September 21. The Kelly Surtees Pre-Conference may also fill. At the moment there’s room, but not much. I’ll keep you posted. In light of the registration numbers, I’m confirming that it will not be possible to register for single sessions at the door. Half days may or may not be available; that will be confirmed no later than September 21 or as soon as I know.

We still have a speaker looking for a roommate. If you know Patty Mac, she is delightful. If you’re looking for a roommate, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her.
OK, and now a few words about what you’ll be missing if you DON’T attend:

Wendy Guy, Out-Of-Bounds Pluto

During our lifetimes, Pluto rarely and barely goes Out of Bounds. And from 2025 until 2035, it will go OOB for the last time, remaining in-bounds thereafter for the imaginable future. Come explore what it means to live in a time when this powerful planet is making this unique transition.

This is not a topic you’re going to see on other conference rosters. And Wendy is a declination expert. So this is something it might be worth your while to here. Unique information, not readily available.

Cassandra Butler, The Draconic Chart

The Draconic Chart: The Soul’s Purpose Revealed
The Draconic chart is a tool for exploring the path of our soul’s purpose. The draconic chart is derived by taking the lunar north node, setting it at the Aries point of 0 degrees, and adjusting the rest of the planets to this new increment. The result offers us the `missing piece’ of our life’s destiny and soul’s purpose. The draconic chart is sensitive to transits and a useful tool in synastry. Examples will illustrate it’s illuminating power.

Draconic Charts are rarely discussed. Come and hear what Cassandra has to say about them. She is a very clear teacher, so even if you’re new at these, chances are good you’ll be able to follow.

So there you have it. Just two of our great lectures that you won’t want to miss. So why not join us? Come for the day or come for the duration. Good information, good hospitality. And still affordable.
As usual, please share this with your friends. We try hard, but we just don’t know everybody.