SOTA 21 April 2018

Hi Everyone,

A few interesting messages before we get started:

First of all, Susi Rosinski now has a page up on Facebook. Look for WNY Qigong. And while you’re looking, don’t forget the Sota Astrology Conference Facebook Page  and the SOTA Astrology EVENT Page, which is also on Facebook.

Alan Clay Sedna BookSecondly, Alan Clay’s book on Sedna is now out.  And yes, we hope to have some at SOTA…

And now to look at a couple of speakers.

Inge Lohse

First up, Inge Lohse: Inge is a teacher and lecturer of long standing. In fact, she’s probably forgotten more than some of you have ever studied. She particularly enjoys researching the practical applications of astrology. And this 2-hour lecture is one of the results of her research:

Venus Return Charts

When transiting Venus returns to its’ natal position, she spins a magical web around your heart’s desires. Venus resets your social calendar and reminds you again of what you hold most dear, where you find your comfort zone, and what you value. Long-term partnerships, financial stability, and fair play are sanctioned by the aspects of Venus. Bring your Venus Return chart and let’s explore all the potential eventualities.

Whether you’ve used Venus returns before or whether you’re skeptical, this lecture just might knock your socks off. And it’s all based on original research. People loved Inge last year and wanted her to come back. We were happy to oblige…

Tamara Small

Another lecturer you wanted back was Tamara Small. And you wanted her back in a longer time-slot. So again, we’re happy to oblige. Here’s her topic:

Profections and Revolutions : How to get the most from your time lords

Ever had a transit you thought would be a doozy only end up a non-starter? Explore the traditional practice of using the projected chart in conjunction with the solar return chart to understand how activated planets will affect the coming year.

Now Tamara is one of those people who started out as an attendee and wound up as a speaker in short order. Why? Because I happened to talk with her and discovered she had not only a great deal of knowledge, but a great deal of passion. I suggested she might want to consider applying for Free Speech the following year. She did and was well-received. So the next year she got a luncheon slot. And again was well-received and sold it out. So this year she’s got a one-hour slot. And I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be learning something in that one hour, which will go by fast. Tamara is decidedly NOT boring…

So there you go. A couple of interesting and original presentations for your perusal. Come and enjoy! And by all means, share SOTAnews with your friends. The more the merrier…

Speaking of which, I will be off to check the hotel Wednesday and make sure things are fine. I’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, I hope we’re coming out of that awful weather cycle and looking forward to saying “Happy Spring” with some feeling!