Introducing SOTA Astrology Conference 2019

SOTA 2019


October 17 to 21, 2019
Cheektowaga, NY

Millennium Hotel

Facebook: SotaAstrologyConference
Twitter: @SOTAAstrology

Thursday Pre-Conference Speakers

Arielle Guttman

An Astrological Examination of Venus and Her Star

Wade Caves

Like Clockwork: Timing in Horary Astrology

Monday Post-Conference Speakers

Kim Farnell

Astrological Amulets

Rick Levine

Hands-on Strategies to Take Your Readings to the Next Level


STATE OF THE ART (“SOTA”) is an astrology conference geared to intermediate, advanced, and professional astrologers. As the title implies, its function is to illustrate the state of the art/discipline of astrology by featuring popular speakers and hot topics that exemplify leading-edge thought and techniques. We are unique in North America in that SOTA presents a mix of one-hour, two-hour, and three-hour speakers as well as all-day pre- and post-conference workshops. Featured speakers come from Canada, the U.S., Turkey, England, New Zeland, and Europe and in the past have included Kelly Surtees, Baris Ilhan, Martin Davis, Nick Kollerstrom, Joyce Hoen, Maritha Pottenger, Noel Tyl, and many more.

Begun in the mid-1990s, SOTA is a small, friendly conference with accessible speakers and numerous events such as the opening reception and banquet/dance where you can mix and mingle with them. While many of our attendees are from Ontario and New York, we also have attendees from other provinces, very sizeable contingents from Michigan and Ohio, and occasionally attendees from England, Australia, and elsewhere in Europe. Many of our attendees are themselves professionals, though many are students involved with Canada’s CAAE programme.

SOTA has received good reviews on many astrological lists and in publications. Come and see why we’re called the hidden gem of independent conferences!

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SOTA Astrology Conference