SOTA 16 April 2017

Hi All,

I had some questions about the opening, and also about pricing in general, so let’s start out with those.

About the Prices

First of all, pricing. All fees are in US dollars. And yes, I live in Canada and I would love to give Canadians a price break. However, the reality is that speakers are paid in US funds (including the Canadians), the hotel charges us in US funds, and giving Canadians a price break could very well leave SOTA with a deficit.

And yes, when I looked, it seems we had left the US dollar notice off our flyer. Jo has fixed that. (Download the new flyer.) Sorry for any confusion.

About the Opening Ceremonies

Secondly, I have had questions about the opening. First of all, David’s talk will not be taped. You’ll need to be there. And you would be best to pre-register for it, because no, I can’t guarantee there’ll be space at the door.

We try very hard to have a nice array of food for the opening, and we have to order that in advance. We tend NOT to order a lot extra because we don’t like waste of either food or money. So the best way to ensure that you have a space at the opening is to pre-register.

Your $30 US fee covers both the nibblies and David’s talk. Food for the mind AND the body. And those who have attended before know that this is not just a bunch of chips and veggies and dips. We try to have a nice array of hot and cold appetizers for all.

So please help us do that by reserving in advance. While we sometimes get cancellations that open up spaces, we can’t guarantee that. In fact, last year we didn’t have any. And yes, if for some reason you only want to attend the opening, you can do that, but again you have to pre-register.

About our Booksellers

Third, is the big news. We now officially have not one but two booksellers — Kathryn Aunger and Rosemary Tayler of Earth Haven Learning Centre. They have done book tables before and know how to make an attractive and easily-browsed table.

And in addition to the speaker’s books, some other books worth noting, and Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide, they will be bringing their own Lunar Gardening Wall Calendar (and apparently Gary Caton had a bit of a behind the scenes hand on this), and probably a few books on lunar gardening, gardening by the planets, and growing herbs.

I think these will be a nice addition and the time is certainly right to look at gardening topics. And another nice addition is they take credit cards. So please welcome Kathryn and Rosemary aboard and plan on visiting them in the trade room. (And yes, there will be more time between lectures this year so you can do a good browse…) Note, however, that there will be no used books this year. My apologies to you bargain-hunters. Sometimes you can’t have everything…

About Divination Night

We are still in need of readers for divination night. I would prefer volunteers, but I DO have a list of people to call on if I’m stuck. And yes, we will take psychics, mediums, runes, horary, or any divination tool. However, we already have a couple of Tarot readers on board, so something other than Tarot would be our preference.

More About the Trade Room

We also have some space in the trade room still. Best to contact me soon on that one though. Now that we have a bookseller, I would like to get on with finalizing.

Featured Speaker: Armand Diaz

And last but not least, a reminder that Armand Diaz is back. Some of you weren’t too happy he wasn’t there last year. So this year, you can be happy again. Here’s his topic:

Relationship Transits: Crossing Paths

Our lives have continuity. Astrologers tend to focus on the specific duration of a transit, yet each transit both reverberates from past experiences and transforms us for the future. In this workshop we will delve into the area of relationship transits, discovering how both natal chart potentials and past transits weave together a complex tapestry of experiences that helps to create our relationship life.

How’s that? I don’t need to tell you that Armand is an excellent speaker. Do I need to tell you he is the author of Separating Aspects, which is on relationship astrology? Well, I just did, just in case.

And on that note, I’ll wish you all a good week!