SOTA 16 February 2017

Hi All,

Here we are again.  And it looks like winter is back too. Hang  in there. It will soon be spring, then summer, then fall and SOTA-time. The time passes quickly.

SOTA: A Friendly Setting

We know you count on SOTA to be an enjoyable conference with friendly, accessible speakers. At bigger conferences this isn’t always the case. Speakers hang  out with  other speakers and sometimes  have  little  time for rank-and-file attendees. That’s not the case here.  We all play nicely together and the speakers have time for you unless you’re trying to monopolize them. That said, there is also an element of reunion at  SOTA, because a great many of our attendees have been coming to SOTA for a long time. But don’t worry — if this is your first SOTA, they will also go out of the way to make you feel welcome. Because that’s how SOTA is.  And it’s very hard not to meet people at SOTA. A lot of friendships have formed over the years and each year a few more form. So don’t be afraid that you’ll be wandering around alone for the duration of the conference. You won’t be.

Featured Speaker: Grace K. Morris

Not only are we friendly, we pride ourselves on good, solid, interesting lectures from top-notch speakers, both well-known and not-so-well-known. One such lecturer is Grace K. Morris. As you  probably already know, Grace is doing a Pre-Conference  on Thursday  on The Stock Market and the Economy (as in Global Economy). But she’s also doing another 2-hour presentation that may be of particular interest for those of you looking to get your feet wet in Financial Astrology. Here it is:

Introduction to Financial Astrology

Everything you wanted to know about the field of financial astrology and how you can get started and profitably participate. Questions welcome.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Just like Grace, who is nothing if not clear. If you’ve always wanted to learn about financial astrology, come and check  this out! You’ll be learning from one of the best!
Grace has presented at SOTA before, but it’s been years since she’s been here. Please welcome her back.

Featured Speaker: Emmajay Paterson

Another lecturer back this year is Emmajay Paterson. Emma is a seasoned astrologer, but she’s only recently started to make a name for herself outside  of Canada. She is high-energy and dynamic in addition to having good material. So we’re going to keep her busy this year.  She will  be one of our openers on Friday with Discovering and Maximizing Personal Genius. Here’s a description of that lecture:

Fan Your Inner Flame –  Discovering & Maximizing Personal Genius

Each birthchart is unique and each of us possesses an inner magic uniquely our own. Let’s use the chart to unlock the secrets of that genius and discover how best to share it with the world.

Emmajay will then be back on Saturday to do a luncheon lecture:

Rocking Your Retrogrades

In our own charts and in the sky, retrogrades can drive us a special kind of crazy! Bring your chart – we will work hands-on to make lemonade of our retrograde lemons!

And you can also avail yourself of Emmajay’s expertise  at our Divination Night on Friday, where she will be Dukkering. And what’s that, you  might ask. It’s a Romany word for fortune telling with playing cards.  Should  be very interesting…

Divination Night

In fact,  we’re hoping our entire Divination Night will be interesting. Things are moving along there — we now have 3 committed readers: Emmajay Paterson, John Marani (Tarot), and  Dawn Silver (Jewels of the Lotus Gemstone Healing Oracle). I also have another 3 people to contact who have expressed interest. So it  looks like we will have  some interesting things for you to explore on Friday night too. If you would like to offer some divinatory wisdom, contact me.  We’re still open and you don’t have to be a speaker to have a table.

Promotional SOTA Banners Coming Soon

On other fronts, speakers will soon have a SOTA banner to put on their  website. In fact,  you will have your choice of  banner sizes. Please take advantage of this.  It will help you and us… And if you’re not a speaker but would  like to promote SOTA anyway, contact me. I’m sure we can arrange something.

Will catch you next week when  I hope it will be warmer!