SOTA 24 July 2016

Hi All,

Once again we have a fair bit of news this week, so let’s dive right into it.

Needed: Lecture Recording Service for SOTA

First of all, the bad news: Al and Carol Godzick will not be joining us this year. Carol is in the process of starting a new business venture and simply doesn’t feel she has the time to do a good job with both SOTA and her new venture. They will definitely be missed.

Meanwhile, the search is on for someone responsible and reliable who might be willing to take on the recording for SOTA 2016. If that sounds like you — or someone you know — please message me and I will fill you in with details just as soon as possible. We are committed to having recordings available, so please help us do just that.

And speaking of the trade room, yes, we still have space. Contact me and I’ll fill you in on that too!

Secondly, we may or may not have a staff position opening up within the next month. Again, if this interests you, please let me know.

Third, the How To schedule is now up on the website. Please check it out. And definitely tell your friends. Tickets WILL be available at the door for this one.

Fourth, it’s time to reserve your hotel room if you haven’t already done so. This includes speakers and staff.

Fifth, it will probably be at least another week before I can give you further details about the Half-Asleep Prophet’s Party. Demetrius and I are both multi-tasking at the moment and we both agree that we want to find the best venue possible for this. That means somewhere that can accommodate vegans, carnivores, anti-carb types and everyone else.

We are also looking for a price-friendly option since this party is not included in the Deluxe package. The good news on that front is that we are trying to find a place where you can order whatever you want at any price-point you want. We’re also looking for an option that can accommodate those of you who do not drive. So this may take us a while. Please stay tuned.

Last but not least if you got an email from me hawking baby cribs and the like, my apologies. It wasn’t me and I’m not trying to supplement my income; if I was I’d be selling jewelry or something that appeals to me.

Apparently I somehow and somewhere acquired something called an ago-bot that does a fair number of nasty things — including sending out phishing emails. To compound the problem, this sucker hides in the kernel of your computer, so it’s not easily spotted by most anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Took me 2 tries to find someone who could find and remove it. I am hoping all is well now, though given that I had it for almost a month and my anti-virus didn’t spot it DOES make me a bit paranoid.

So if you DO get one of these phishing emails from me, please forward it to me so I can yell at the techie who said he’d removed it…

Speaker: Emmajay Paterson

Since the news is out of the way now, let’s look at a lecture. How does Easy Tips and Tricks for Accurate Prediction by Emmajay Paterson sound to you? Here’s the description:

Easy Tips and Tricks for Happy Clients & Accurate Predictions

Computers have revolutionized how we cast charts – but we all know that a few minutes in time can make a big difference in chart interpretation. How disheartening to do all that work only to realize the birth time is off!  Here are a few quick and dirty time-check techniques… and best of all – no math required!

Emmajay is a Nova Scotia -based astrologer with many years of experience. I have known her since the 1980’s, when she lived in Ottawa. She is bright, dynamic, and passionate, and I have no doubt that she’ll take you on an exciting ride in this lecture.  And if we’re lucky, she may bring her guitar and entertain you at one of our several hospitalities.


So there you have it — another good reason to come to SOTA. Our registration is up and running, the hotel is awaiting your reservation, and we are all looking forward to seeing you there.

Until next week, stay cool, have fun, and don’t forget to share SOTAnews with your friends.