SOTA 19 September 2018

Hi Everybody,

It’s official. Our new room rate is $89 a night. However, you need to be on our rooming list to get it. So if you haven’t booked your room yet, you need to do it. If you’re already registered, any reduction will automatically be applied to the current rate as long as you’re reserved. This is one more reason to register and reserve NOW. This is an unheard of room rate,made possible because Central Reservations screwed up big-time. And thanks to John Green, Gabe Rosas, and others for helping me point that out to them.

Now note that the current reg rates are only good until September 21 at 10 pm. When you wake up on the 22nd, they will have gone up. So the time to register is definitely NOW!  And another reminder…If you’re paying at the door, it’s US cash ONLY. Which might be another reason to register now.

Two more reasons are that the Opening Keynote and the Banquet will no longer be available after the 21st. Sometimes it’s possible to get tickets for these at the door if someone cancels, but you can’t count on that. So be forewarned.

Also note that we will not be offering half-day or single session registrations this year. We have begun looking at options for 2019. More about those at the conference. But I WILL remind you that all attendees, speakers, and staff will be eligible for an unadvertised  special discount for next year. This will be put it below the early bird rates. It’s our way of saying thank  you for supporting us.

OK, as I mentioned last week, we have at this point discussed all of the lectures at least once, so if the following sound familiar, well, I’m sorry. On the other hand, some of you may have missed them first time around. So here we go with a look at Pam Gallagher’s lectures:

Pam Gallagher

Decans, Duads, and Single Degrees — How, When, and Where to Use Them

We will look at natal, progressed, and lunation degrees. Bring your chart so we can look at yours!  We will also provide handouts for decans and duads.

This is material you rarely get in lectures. And yes, Pam is willing to look at yours.  Just show up on Saturday morning.

Your Pre-natal Solar and Lunar Eclipse — Is it North or South Node?

We will discuss house placements and how you can use these eclipses to enhance your understanding of major shifts in your life.

This is more material you rarely get in lectures. This one is on Sunday afternoon.

And because somebody asked, here’s my blurb again:

Donna Van Toen

Beyond Planetary Stereotypes: Synthesis and Transits

In the beginning, we learn keywords and key phrases. Jupiter is always good, so Scorpios are going to have a good year. Saturn is always bad, so Capricorn WON’T have a good year. Uranus always brings a surprise, so Aries will have a few more surprises before Uranus moves on to Taurus. Sounds good in theory, but is that how it works? Not always. You have to read transits in the context of your own natal chart. And that’s what we’ll be doing. We’ll also look at a few natal hot spot patterns that can indicate something important is going to happen. Bring your chart and your questions. Let’s look at how it is for you!

This one is a 2-hour on  Friday from 10:30 to 12:30. And yes, there will be handouts.

OK, that’s it for now. Do share SOTAnews with your friends, and please register if you haven’t already done so.

Have a good week,