SOTA 17 Jan 2018

Hi Everybody,

Here we are again with another edition of SOTAnews. This time, let’s look at what Armand Diaz is doing. Armand was one of our top-drawing speakers last year and many of you asked us to bring him back. We were very happy to oblige. Here’s his topic:

As Above, So What? – Armand Diaz

Astrologers are fond of quoting the Hermetic maxim, but why does it work? If the stars indicate (or impel), we’re still left with question, why? Learn the past, present, and future of explanations of why astrology works, from ancient times to synchronicity to contemporary field and consciousness theories.

Armand’s lectures have a distinctly philosophical bent. He’s inclined to make you think. So if you’ve been thinking about — and wondering — why astrology works, this one’s for you. You can expect an enjoyable tour of existing thought. And you just may learn something in the process.

Luncheon Speakers

I also wanted to give you another reminder about our lunches. We have 3 good presenters with 3 good topics — Huber Aspects and Their Patterns with Michael Barwick on Friday, Aftermath: Living in a Post-Mars-Square Uranus World with Julie Simmons on Saturday, and Mystery Midpoints with Kathy Rose on Sunday.

There is an additional charge of $20 each for these, and that charge goes up to $25 on March 22. You will get a menu at the conference so you can choose your own lunch. Lunches tend to be simple — salads, wraps, etc. — however, you DO get your choice as per the menu and you get a good discussion to go with that lunch.

Now technically you can sign up for these by 10 pm on the day of the luncheon, but you need to know that the room only holds 15 people and for that reason by the time the conference rolls around, they are often sold out. Which means if you really, really, really want to hear one of these, I would be registering early if I were you. You should also note that these won’t be recorded.

Lunch Options for Conference

That said, I know some people just want to turn their brain off at lunch. And if that’s what you want to do, there are options there too. If you want to get some fresh air while you’re at it, there is a Panera right across the street. And the Walden Galleria Mall next door has TONS of options from smoothies to fast food of all sorts, to pubs. Check their website if you’re looking for something specific.

I would mention that The Cheesecake Factory, while tasty, is not a great option because service tends to be slow. A better option, might be Alton’s, which is a block or so down the road (and the shuttle will take you and pick you up again if you reserve in advance.) Alton’s is a local favorite with a little bit of everything and friendly, efficient servers. If you go, try the baklava cheesecake. It’s wonderful, and no, you can’t get it at The Cheesecake Factory.

And if you don’t want to go out, there is the hotel restaurant. A bit pricier than Alton’s, but they have good fish and chips. And if you haven’t tried the beef on weck sandwich, you need to unless you don’t eat meat. Again, this is a local favorite.

So there you have it. And you can make an informed choice.

Albuquerque in June

Apropos of nothing, it appears I will be busing it back from Albuquerque in June. If it happens that you have live in or have friends in Tulsa, OK, Joplin, MO, Indianapolis, IN, Cincinnati or Cleveland OH, or Erie, PA and you’re looking for a workshop or lecture in June, let me know and we can see if we can work something out. I have a fair number of topics and my fees are reasonable.

And with that said, I’ll be back again next week with more SOTAnews. Meanwhile, feel free to share this with your friends…