SOTA 16 July 2018

Hi All,

A quick update: We are happy to welcome Janie Brynolf to the trade room. Janie will have handcrafted journals for your perusal and purchase. I have seen them and they are beautiful. Be sure to have a look!

We still have one table and room for one reader to join Pat Beers and Patty Mac. Anything other than astrology. As for the table, this would be perfect for anyone with anything handcrafted. If you’re interested, please contact me.

Meanwhile, one of the Post-Conferences that’s filling up rapidly belongs to William Stickevers, so I thought I’d review all of his slots. (Yes, we’re keeping him busy; that’s what happens when you’re requested! Here is his post, along with his two other lectures.

William Stickevers 1-HOUR LECTURES

The Coming Global Economic Reset and Cryptocurrency “Satoshi” Revolution

(Friday, October 19, 4:30 – 5:30)
Most today have never experienced a financial or political “reset” (repression). Since 2008 we have witnessed the re-emergence of systemic risk and political turmoil with emerging disruptive technologies, i.e. Bitcoin. From an astrological perspective, we will explore cryptocurrencies’ role in transforming the financial system as Global Financial Reset begins.

2030: The Geopolitical Rise of the Red Dragon

(Saturday, October 20th, 9 -10 am)
China has become an economic force in the world and has the second-largest military, but will it truly influence world events and become the next global power? Using mundane astrological portents we look ahead to determine if China can achieve this level of prominence as many global analysts forecast.


Archetypal Astrology Through the Planetary Cyclic Index

(Monday, October 23, 2-5 pm)
We will review the 10 outer planetary combinations through a set of archetypal principles for which we have both the greatest amount of research and a very strong consensus among astrologers concerning their meanings, and interpret their archetypal qualities in history through the context of the Planetary Cycle Index.

As I said earlier, the Post-Conference is filling. We will try to accommodate all in the Friday and Saturday lectures as space permits. However, I suspect these will attract a lot of interest.

John Marani

And since someone asked, here’s a repeat of John Marani’s Telling Time with Tarot lecture:

Telling Time with Tarot

Shedding light on particular events is important in a tarot reading, but how do you determine WHEN an event will happen? John will discuss three different ways of timing events in a reading, using spreads, numbers, and astrology

OK, I will be leaving for Ann Arbor Wednesday. I WILL have my computer with me, but may be slow to respond. Meanwhile, have a good week!