SOTA 14 Feb 2018

Hi Everyone,

Neither rain nor sleet nor hail will keep this from going out. I mention that only because we had sleet today and I am now growing quite a large assortment of icicles on my balcony.I hope all of your are warm and dry.

Ellen Bourn

Our featured speaker this week needs no introduction to your regulars. If you’re new to SOTA, however, you need to know that Ellen Bourn is one of our regulars — and a popular one at that. She has been a psychiatric nurse; she is a medium; and she is very knowledgeable about the Kabbalah. In fact one of her preferred topics is Astrological Kabbalah and that’s what she’s doing this year. Her topic is Kabbalistic Natal Chart Interpretation. I can tell you that I took this workshop a very long time ago and I liked it so much that I kept some of the notes.. Suffice to say that this system is quite unique and should be of interest to those of you with more metaphysical interests. Here’s her blurb for your perusal:

A Kabbalistic Perspective of the Natal Chart

The ancient and unique wisdom of the Kabbalah has been available for about 5000 years. Until recently, this Philosophy was passed on through the Oral Tradition and not written down. The Kabbalah includes a framework for Astrology, Numerology, Meditation, Angelology, Tarot and White Magic. This information was cautiously offered to a select few. Learn how the Divine Energies and the planets speak to one another. Join this conversation.

Metaphysical Offerings

I would also mention that for those of you who are metaphysically inclined, we have several more metaphysical offerings. There’s Your Birth Chart’s Reincarnation Story by Dawn Silver, for example. And Experience Mediumship: An Interactive Workshop with Patty Mac. And last but not least, there’s Telling Time with Tarot by John Marani. Note that ALL of these people are back by popular demand and all of these are included in the Deluxe Conference package.
Blurbs will follow on all of them.

Closing Ceremony and Prize Draw

Many conferences have silent auctions. We have a prize draw. And it’s free! If you’re registered for the conference, if you’re a speaker, or if you’re staff, you will get a ticket. However, you must be present on Sunday to win. All prizes are donated by speakers, vendors, and attendees. I never know what there will be until close to the draw itself. However, last year we had a vast array of books, some very nice Japanese ceramics, gift certificates for readings, jewelry, and more. So you can actually win a very nice prize to round out your conference weekend. All you have to do is be there on Sunday at 3:15. And if you want to donate something to this, by all means let me know. The more the merrier. If you have a book or a service you wish to donate, just let me know. Maybe you have a perfectly nice gift that isn’t you. You can regift it. Just let me know.

And on that note, off I go to fight with an article that keeps insisting on morphing on me. Please DO share this with people you know. Many thanks!

See you next week,