SOTA 12 June 2018

Hi Everybody,

We’re now heading down to the wire in terms of taking advantage of the current rates. Be aware that they expire on June 21 at 10 pm Eastern. If you snooze beyond that point, you’ll pay more. So why not reserve now?

And be aware that the lunches are selling out rapidly.  At this point there are only 2 spaces left in Julie Simmons’ Aftermath: Living in a Post-Mars-Square-Uranus World, 4 spaces in Michael Barwick’s Huber Aspects and Their Patterns, and 5 spaces left in Kathy Rose’s Mystery Midpoints. So if you were planning on signing up for these on site, think again. I am expecting ALL of these to be sold out by the end of June. Maybe before. Also note that these will NOT be recorded. ‘Nuff said.

We still have a call out for a roommate (female). And we still have space for a couple of vendors, though I still have several to contact. In short, it’s going to be a full house. So if you’re coming, my advice is to book now and also reserve your hotel room.

For you locals who wanted to come for just one lecture, well, that isn’t going to be possible. We’re still debating half-day registrations, and I’ll keep you posted on that. Full day registrations are available now and it will be cheaper to register now rather than paying at the door, though the price on these doesn’t go up until September 21.

Toby Aldren, Primary Directions

So now let’s look at one of our lecture offerings. Toby Aldren is a relatively new speaker, but his very positive reputation precedes him. He didn’t lecture at UAC this time, but at the rate he’s going, he could very will be on the invite list for the next one. And his topic is not a common one.

So who is this guy? Toby is a Vancouver-based consultant and teacher. He is also a Distance Learning tutor for England’s Faculty of Astrological Studies.He was very well-received at the 2017 Canadian Astrology Conference in Calgary, which is how SOTA came to hear of him. Good credentials, good speaker. I think you’ll like him… His topic:

We’ll begin by reviewing the fundamental principles of Primary Directions. From there, we’ll develop a technique that has its own special place in the toolbox of contemporary astrologers. As well, Toby will introduce his original method of manipulating diurnal circles to better see the proportional location of planets in the heavens.

Before closing, I just want to mention our closing ceremony and prize draw. Most conferences have a silent auction. We have a giveaway. Everyone who is there and has registered or otherwise participated in SOTA (meaning staff, speakers, and vendors) gets a ticket and is eligible to win some sort of prize. What sort of prize? Well, that depends, because they are all donated by speakers, vendors and attendees, but in  the past we’ve had minerals, oils, books, incense, jewelry, and consultations, among other things.

Pretty much what you’d find at a silent auction, only you don’t have to bid on it. Of course this may mean you don’t get quite what you were hoping for, but you can always try to negotiate with the winner of the prize you wanted. It adds to the fun! Or can. And yes, you can donate too. Just contact me and if I know before the time comes, we can get it on the prize list. Suffice to say that most winners and a lot of those who donate come away happy.

And on that note, I’ll close and wish you a good week. And yes, please share this with friends. We simply don’t know everybody…