SOTA 12 Dec 2017

Hi Everybody,

A reminder to those of you who are eligible for the attendees-only discount, that your check must be received by December 31st to qualify. For the rest of you, you have until March 21st to get in at the lowest rate possible…


And by the way, feedback on SOTA 2017 was excellent. That’s wonderful, except that there’s always the question of “What do you do for an encore?” Especially when people say “Don’t change a thing.” Because things DO change. Sometimes speakers you want are unavailable, sometimes something proves too labour-intensive, sometimes one good suggestion results in cutting something else. We DO, however try to keep what you like for the most part or offer something similar where we can’t. We couldn’t get David Cochrane this year, for example, but we DO have our top 3 draws — Ryhan Butler, Wade Caves, and Armand Diaz back again.

Donna VanToen

Otherwise, we had such an abundance of good applicants for 2018 that I decided to cut myself back to one slot. Can’t say I won’t turn up in a second one, but for the time being, one slot is all I’ve got. And this is what it will be about:

“Beyond Planetary Stereotypes: Synthesis and Transits”

In the beginning, we learn keywords and key phrases. Jupiter is always good, so Scorpios are going to have a good year. Saturn is always bad, so Capricorn WON’T have a good year. Uranus always brings a surprise, so Aries will have a few more surprises before Uranus moves on to Taurus. Sounds good in theory, but is that how it works? Not always. You have to read transits in the context of your own natal chart. And that’s what we’ll be doing. We’ll also look at a few natal hot spot patterns that can indicate something important is going to happen. Bring your chart and you’re questions. Let’s look at how it is for you!

So there you have it. I hope some of you will come out for it.
Meanwhile, let’s look at one of our many new speakers:

Kathy Rose

For more than 35 years, Kathy Rose has been a professional consulting astrologer and teacher with an international clientele. Kathy brings to her full-time practice an intuitive, spiritual approach that enlivens her readings with a perspective and depth of insight that goes beyond measurement and calculation.

Tapping the Horoscope’s Memory!

The Horoscope itself has a memory! Planets or angles in the chart that have received powerful transits or solar arcs in the past can become highly sensitized areas in the horoscope. These “hotspots” may respond with dramatic change with any future contact.
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Kathy and I will be talking about different and equally valid hot spots. So no, there is no overlap here…

Luncheon Lectures

Kathy will also be doing a luncheon lecture, Mystery Midpoints, on Sunday. This is one of three mostly interactive luncheon lectures. The other two are Huber Aspects and Their Patterns by Michael Barwick on Friday and Aftermath: Living in Post Mars Square Saturn World on Saturday. Now technically you can sign up for these right up until 10 am on the day of the lecture, but for the last couple of years they have been largely sold out by the time we got on site. The room only holds 15 comfortably — an ideal number for interactive stuff. And you get to choose your own light lunch from a menu. We’ll talk more about these later. For now you need to know that they tend to fill quickly and the price will go up after March 21st. Good food, good learning, good bargain. And the early birds will catch the biggest bargains.

We’ll talk about another new speaker next week. Meanwhile, watch out for that snow. Or better still, watch it from your window.
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