SOTA 10 April 2018

Hi Everybody,
If you’re interested in other worlds and spiritual subjects, Friday at SOTA is for you! We will have two amazing presentations that will be both different and geared to spiritual seekers, presented by two very popular speakers.

Dawn Silver, Your Birth Chart’s Reincarnation Story

Astrology reveals rich metaphorical themes using the twelfth house planets and rulers, nodes, midpoints, degrees, asteroids, Moon memory, conception point, and more to understand past lives of relevance. A hands-on journey to excavate and dig up some planetary dirt!

Dawn has presented this workshop many times — generally to full houses — and always has generated rave reviews. She has not presented it here before. And of course it’s always a little different, depending on participants.So now it’s YOUR turn to experience it…

Then  later that evening,

Patty Mac,  Experience Mediumship: An Interactive Workshop

Mediumship is about providing proof of the existence of the afterlife. In this interactive demonstration you will learn what it’s like to receive a message from someone in the spirit world. You will also  learn how to give a message from someone in the spirit world.  Everybody has the ability to connect as  a medium In this demonstration Patty Mac will show you key points and how to do it. Learn to be your own medium for family and friends!

As I mentioned last week, Patty drew raves last year. And you asked for two hours. So here it is, and there WILL be messages. Only for the most part, it will be you giving them. Experience Mediumship is included in the Deluxe registration package. But you can also sign up for it separately, for only $25 US now or $35 at the door.  Day-trippers  take note! And yes, we expect the AFAN Hospitality Room to be open afterwards so you can share your experiences and come back down to.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to buy a single-session ticket for Dawn’s workshop. That hasn’t been decided yet. But you’ll probably be able to get a half-day ticket at the door. More about that at a later date.

Meanwhile, please spread the word and let your friends know about these great workshops and SOTA in general. And note that you need not be an astrologer to get something out of Patty’s lecture. So don’t forget to tell your non-astrological friends!

See you next week with more goodies! Meanwhile, let’s all pray for Spring to show herself!