SOTA 1 May 2018

Hi Everybody,

This will be an abbreviated edition of SOTAnews, as I am pretty much behind the eight-ball this week. Coffee to get, bus ticket to get, a backlog of emails, and teaching. We will hopefully get back to normal next week.

Julie Simmons

Meanwhile, I’d like to feature one of our excellent Canadian speakers.

Julie Simmons has studied with some of the best astrologers in the field, including Diana Stone. She is a seasoned astrologer with many years of experience, and she definitely has something to say. That’s why she’s a regular at SOTA. Here are her topics for this year, one a one-hour lecture, and the other a luncheon lecture. Here’s the one-hour lecture:

Individuation in a World Gone Mad

How does the chart as a tool for personal growth need to adapt in the age of chaos? Narcissism, polarization, conflict, estrangement, and loneliness. What is the meaning of life when it’s all about me?

The blurb is taken from a quote from a book by Margaret Wheatly, and you will no doubt hear more about this book in the lecture. Suffice to say that this appears to be a very timely topic. And you can expect Julie to be an insightful presenter. If you don’t know her work, it’s worth your while to sit in on either this lecture or her luncheon lecture. And here’s a description of her luncheon lecture:

Aftermath: Living in a Post Mars-Square-Uranus World

The ingress of Uranus to Taurus was fraught with the retrograde period of Mars which brought with it three powerful squares. Now what? BYOC

Note that there is an additional charge for luncheon lectures and they DO fill fast. Right now there is room in this one but that may not be the case if you decide to register for it on-site. Snooze, and you may lose. Though how can you snooze when Mars is square Uranus? Oh, and by the way, DO bring your own chart to this. Julie likes to make things interactive and relevant to participants. Also note that luncheon lectures are not recorded. You’ve gotta be there…

Julie is one of two dozen top-notch lecturers SOTA is happy to have this year. And you can come for the day or come for the duration, though I will again mention that if you plan on taking in this luncheon lecture it’s to your advantage to register beforehand. Our website is listed on the flyer below. We also have a Facebook Page which is again listed on the flyer. So do have a look, and do share SOTAnews with your friends. We look forward to seeing you there!