SOTA 2017 — Pre-Conference & Post-Conference

Pre-Conference and Post-Conference
Workshops for SOTA 2018 TBA.
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Thursday Pre-Conference Workshops

Greg Bogart

Jung, Astrology, and Dreams: An Experiential Workshop

Jung cast birth charts for his patients and also studied their dreams. Following Jung’s example, this presentation explores the connection between planetary symbols and archetypal figures and themes appearing in our dreams. We’ll consider how dreams reflect celestial symbolism while astrology reveals the internal order and meaning of dreams. Combining astrology and dreams is a dynamic practice that has the power to awaken us emotionally and energetically. In this experiential workshop, participants are invited to share a dream along with their natal chart and transits.

Grace K. Morris

The Stock Market and the Economy

Grace has successfully forecast the direction of the economy for over 30 years. Picking favorable sectors and winning stocks, accurately predicting interest rates, inflation/deflation cycles, and the real estate values has proven profitable for her clients and subscribers. She will share with you the resources she uses so that you, too, can profit.

Monday Post-Conference Workshops

Adam Gainsburg

Heliacal Phases of Saturn

Adam feels these Saturn-Sun phases signify  the responsibility we each carry for serving  or upholding a better society. He  has formed this system of phases on the same principles he used in his Venus-Mars phase  work. what he calls Saturn’s Sky Factors — its unique brightness cycles, speed changes, etc. — rather than its chart factors alone. This workshop will first present Saturn’s Phases, then demonstrate how to integrate natal Saturn with phasal Saturn for the complete picture of a native’s Saturn dharma. I’ll use attendee charts for this.

Gary P. Caton

The Centrality of Mercury in the Hermetic Worldview

This workshop will begin by illuminating the astronomy of Mercury and it’s yearly dance with the Sun, which traces a 6-pointed star in the heavens. Afterwards, Gary will reveal how Mercury’s cycles correspond with the ancient mystical document The Emerald Tablet — source of the famous alchemical aphorism “as above, so below”. Finally, Gary will teach you to see the underlying patterns behind Mercury’s three retrogrades each year and how to harness their transformative power in your birth chart.


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