Monthly Forecasts

No time to see your astrologer? No astrologer in your neighborhood? Let the astrologer come to you! Now you can get a detailed monthly forecast delivered directly to you via email. This is not a generic Sun Sign forecast or a computerized printout. It is geared to your own specific planetary placements and chart, and unique to you.

Each monthly forecast will include tips on your emotional climate for the month, your love life, your working life, and your money potentials. It will list key dates for starting things to ensure success, for meeting people, and for attracting luck and opportunity. You’ll also learn when it’s best to slow down and just wait, when to take time for yourself rather than going out, and when to be on the lookout for work glitches and other problems.

Last but not least, each monthly forecast will include an affirmation for the month, a suggested power stone, and a suggested power color to help you channel your energies and maximize your potentials.

Cost of this service is $25 for a single month or $250 for a full year. Service includes up to 3 free clarification questions a month answered by email. Additional charges will apply for compatibility questions or telephone clarification.

Interested? Send me an email with your birth date, time (if known), and place and we’ll get started. Your forecast will arrive somewhere between the 25th and 30th of the preceding month so you’ll have it for the first day of the month.

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