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SOTA 1 May 2018

Hi Everybody,

This will be an abbreviated edition of SOTAnews, as I am pretty much behind the eight-ball this week. Coffee to get, bus ticket to get, a backlog of emails, and teaching. We will hopefully get back to normal next week.

Julie Simmons

Meanwhile, I’d like to feature one of our excellent Canadian speakers.

Julie Simmons has studied with some of the best astrologers in the field, including Diana Stone. She is a seasoned astrologer with many years of experience, and she definitely has something to say. That’s why she’s a regular at SOTA. Here are her topics for this year, one a one-hour lecture, and the other a luncheon lecture. Here’s the one-hour lecture:

Individuation in a World Gone Mad

How does the chart as a tool for personal growth need to adapt in the age of chaos? Narcissism, polarization, conflict, estrangement, and loneliness. What is the meaning of life when it’s all about me?

The blurb is taken from a quote from a book by Margaret Wheatly, and you will no doubt hear more about this book in the lecture. Suffice to say that this appears to be a very timely topic. And you can expect Julie to be an insightful presenter. If you don’t know her work, it’s worth your while to sit in on either this lecture or her luncheon lecture. And here’s a description of her luncheon lecture:

Aftermath: Living in a Post Mars-Square-Uranus World

The ingress of Uranus to Taurus was fraught with the retrograde period of Mars which brought with it three powerful squares. Now what? BYOC

Note that there is an additional charge for luncheon lectures and they DO fill fast. Right now there is room in this one but that may not be the case if you decide to register for it on-site. Snooze, and you may lose. Though how can you snooze when Mars is square Uranus? Oh, and by the way, DO bring your own chart to this. Julie likes to make things interactive and relevant to participants. Also note that luncheon lectures are not recorded. You’ve gotta be there…

Julie is one of two dozen top-notch lecturers SOTA is happy to have this year. And you can come for the day or come for the duration, though I will again mention that if you plan on taking in this luncheon lecture it’s to your advantage to register beforehand. Our website is listed on the flyer below. We also have a Facebook Page which is again listed on the flyer. So do have a look, and do share SOTAnews with your friends. We look forward to seeing you there!




SOTA 24 April 2018

Hi Everybody,

I made a brief site inspection at the hotel last week and am happy to say they are ready for us. And yes, you can reserve your hotel room any time by calling 1-800-323-3331 and telling them you’re with SOTA. Please note that if you choose to get a courtyard room, it will be $10.00 extra. And if you’re a speaker, please note that we don’t cover that extra $10.00. Sorry…

Also, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, this would be a good time to let me know that so I can set up the opening and banquet accordingly. Note that we ALWAYS offer vegetarian items for both of these, but there may not be any vegan if you don’t let me know.

Meanwhile, I am very happy to report that we’ve already made our June reg target, two months ahead of the cut-off. I am very pleased and thank all of you for your support. This being a UAC year, and this being an independent conference, I had been sweating blood. But so far it looks like we’re ok.

Wade Caves

So let’s look at some speakers, huh? One we haven’t talked about yet is Wade Caves. Now Wade probably needs no introduction at this point. He was one of our top-drawing speakers last year and one of those most frequently mentioned on the ask-back list. His 2018 topic is a hot one. Have a look:

Today, on Mythbusters: A Critical Review of Length of Life Techniques

Historical sources are not entirely aligned on the determination of the hyleg (giver of life) and alcocoden (giver of years), yet the lion’s share of medieval and Renaissance texts teach you how to determine length of life starting with these two planets. How reliable are these techniques, really? Generous handouts provided for further study.

It is rare to get ANY information on length of life in a lecture. In this one you’re getting both information and handouts for further study.  This is going to be worth the price of a day’s admission in itself. Also note that Wade has recently moved to England. This could most certainly impact his availability

David Perloff

And let’s not forget about David Perloff. David will be doing two one-hour lectures on Marc Edmund Jones techniques. Here they are. The first one is on Friday at 4:30, and the second one is on Sunday at 9 a.m.

Mental Chemistry – A Legacy of Marc Edmund Jones

Mental Chemistry gives tremendous insight into how we receive and process information of all sorts. We will discuss how to determine Mental Chemistry (not complicated!), and how to use it to better understand ourselves, our clients, and the people around us. This largely-underused technique should be in every astrologer’s toolkit.

Planetary Patterns – Another Legacy of Marc Edmund Jones

Astrologer Marc Edmund Jones developed Planetary Patterns (aka Temperament Types), a powerful technique determined by how the planets are arranged around the wheel. We will look each of the planetary patterns: Bundle, Bowl, Bucket, Locomotive, Splash, SeeSaw, Splay – and see how they can be a tremendous aid in chart interpretation.

Now those of you who know me, know that I find both of these techniques invaluable. You will be getting instruction from a master here, but be aware, the Sunday lecture will of necessity move quickly because David only has an hour. However, this will be a good introduction as well as a good review.  You will use this information again and again!

And on that note, I will see you next week. Enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures in the meantime!




SOTA 21 April 2018

Hi Everyone,

A few interesting messages before we get started:

First of all, Susi Rosinski now has a page up on Facebook. Look for WNY Qigong. And while you’re looking, don’t forget the Sota Astrology Conference Facebook Page  and the SOTA Astrology EVENT Page, which is also on Facebook.

Alan Clay Sedna BookSecondly, Alan Clay’s book on Sedna is now out.  And yes, we hope to have some at SOTA…

And now to look at a couple of speakers.

Inge Lohse

First up, Inge Lohse: Inge is a teacher and lecturer of long standing. In fact, she’s probably forgotten more than some of you have ever studied. She particularly enjoys researching the practical applications of astrology. And this 2-hour lecture is one of the results of her research:

Venus Return Charts

When transiting Venus returns to its’ natal position, she spins a magical web around your heart’s desires. Venus resets your social calendar and reminds you again of what you hold most dear, where you find your comfort zone, and what you value. Long-term partnerships, financial stability, and fair play are sanctioned by the aspects of Venus. Bring your Venus Return chart and let’s explore all the potential eventualities.

Whether you’ve used Venus returns before or whether you’re skeptical, this lecture just might knock your socks off. And it’s all based on original research. People loved Inge last year and wanted her to come back. We were happy to oblige…

Tamara Small

Another lecturer you wanted back was Tamara Small. And you wanted her back in a longer time-slot. So again, we’re happy to oblige. Here’s her topic:

Profections and Revolutions : How to get the most from your time lords

Ever had a transit you thought would be a doozy only end up a non-starter? Explore the traditional practice of using the projected chart in conjunction with the solar return chart to understand how activated planets will affect the coming year.

Now Tamara is one of those people who started out as an attendee and wound up as a speaker in short order. Why? Because I happened to talk with her and discovered she had not only a great deal of knowledge, but a great deal of passion. I suggested she might want to consider applying for Free Speech the following year. She did and was well-received. So the next year she got a luncheon slot. And again was well-received and sold it out. So this year she’s got a one-hour slot. And I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be learning something in that one hour, which will go by fast. Tamara is decidedly NOT boring…

So there you go. A couple of interesting and original presentations for your perusal. Come and enjoy! And by all means, share SOTAnews with your friends. The more the merrier…

Speaking of which, I will be off to check the hotel Wednesday and make sure things are fine. I’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, I hope we’re coming out of that awful weather cycle and looking forward to saying “Happy Spring” with some feeling!


SOTA 10 April 2018

Hi Everybody,
If you’re interested in other worlds and spiritual subjects, Friday at SOTA is for you! We will have two amazing presentations that will be both different and geared to spiritual seekers, presented by two very popular speakers.

Dawn Silver, Your Birth Chart’s Reincarnation Story

Astrology reveals rich metaphorical themes using the twelfth house planets and rulers, nodes, midpoints, degrees, asteroids, Moon memory, conception point, and more to understand past lives of relevance. A hands-on journey to excavate and dig up some planetary dirt!

Dawn has presented this workshop many times — generally to full houses — and always has generated rave reviews. She has not presented it here before. And of course it’s always a little different, depending on participants.So now it’s YOUR turn to experience it…

Then  later that evening,

Patty Mac,  Experience Mediumship: An Interactive Workshop

Mediumship is about providing proof of the existence of the afterlife. In this interactive demonstration you will learn what it’s like to receive a message from someone in the spirit world. You will also  learn how to give a message from someone in the spirit world.  Everybody has the ability to connect as  a medium In this demonstration Patty Mac will show you key points and how to do it. Learn to be your own medium for family and friends!

As I mentioned last week, Patty drew raves last year. And you asked for two hours. So here it is, and there WILL be messages. Only for the most part, it will be you giving them. Experience Mediumship is included in the Deluxe registration package. But you can also sign up for it separately, for only $25 US now or $35 at the door.  Day-trippers  take note! And yes, we expect the AFAN Hospitality Room to be open afterwards so you can share your experiences and come back down to.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to buy a single-session ticket for Dawn’s workshop. That hasn’t been decided yet. But you’ll probably be able to get a half-day ticket at the door. More about that at a later date.

Meanwhile, please spread the word and let your friends know about these great workshops and SOTA in general. And note that you need not be an astrologer to get something out of Patty’s lecture. So don’t forget to tell your non-astrological friends!

See you next week with more goodies! Meanwhile, let’s all pray for Spring to show herself!


SOTA 5 April 2018

Hi Everybody,

I hope you all have enjoyed a good Passover and/or good Easter.
This week we’re featuring Baris Ilhan. She will be at SOTA from Turkey, so we’re going to keep her busy while she’s here so you can all experience her warmth and wonderful teaching style as well as the vast scope of her knowledge, beginning with a Pre-conference Thursday morning. Her topic???

Pre Conference, Baris Ilhan

“Mercury, Mars & Venus: The use of the Inner Planets as Agents for Improvement

From the ancient texts we learn that the sources of volitional acts are three powers: carnal (Venus), wrath (Mars) and speech (Mercury). 13th Century astrologer Nasiredin Tusi says that although other powers (Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn) are at their perfection, Mercury, Mars and Venus can be trained towards their perfection. During the workshop we will take a closer look at those planets and see how we can combine them in a way that carries us to loyalty, fidelity, compassion, love, submission, trust and joy.”

This is new material and perhaps a somewhat different take on the personal planets. There’s something worthwhile here for everybody. And since you’re here already, why not stick around for Kelly Surtee’s Pre-Conference on The Power of Prediction and then head to our Opening with Keynote Speaker Ryhan Butler where there’ll be good nibblies (hot and cold — not just pretzels and chips — and a cash bar.

Baris will be back bright and early Friday morning:

The Fourth House: Our Grave or Our Treasure?

The house of home, parents and roots, can also represents the hidden things, treasures and graves. We will see how this house can be our grave in a symbolical sense and how we can turn it into a treasure by working on the issues of the sign there.
(Intermediate or Advanced)

I’ve actually heard this one somewhere, probably at an NCGR conference years back. Again, very worthwhile and not the same old stuff.

After that, you can hear Michael Barwick on Huber Aspects and Their Patterns and have a light lunch at the same time.

And if you’re staying until Saturday, you may also want to hear Experience Mediumship: An Interactive Workshop with Patty Mac. Now most of you regulars know that we have generally had a reading night with free readings from various mediums. And that’s generally been well-received. But every now and then we have to try something different so nobody gets bored. And last year, I was inundated with feedback saying “More time for Patty Mac, please.” And since slots were at a premium, this was our solution. So there will be learning and there will be messages, but this year you may be surprised to find that you’re giving a message yourself! As Patty says, “Anyone can be a medium if they do the work”. So you’ll be doing the work — fun work, I might add — and hopefully everyone will reap the benefits. And then when it’s over, you can take yourself to the AFAN hospitality suite (in all likelihood hosted by the amazing Terry Johnson again) and enjoy some other spirits. More on Patty’s presentation — including a full blurb — and more on the hospitality suite in future issues, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, Patty’s workshop is included in Deluxe registration packages and the AFAN hospitality suite will be open to all attendees.

…And that brings us to Saturday. You can start Saturday with some Qigong with Susi Rosinski and then partake of any one of a number of good lectures while you’re waiting to hear Baris at 4:30. How about Sedna Consciousness: The Soul’s Path of Destiny by Alan Clay? Or maybe that luncheon lecture we talked about — Aftermath: Living in a Post-Mars-Square-Uranus World with Julie Simmons. Or Universal Nakshastra with Ehsan Khazani. All good material material and none of these will be done at UAC. We don’t like leftovers any more than you do! That’s not what you pay for and that’s not what we offer. And there are plenty of other topics if these don’t grab you.

And last but not least, Baris will be presenting at 4:30 pm.

The Veiled Power of the Twelfth House Planets

Ascendant, 12th house is one of the most debilitated houses and the planets posited there are considered ineffectual. In a way this is true, but what if there is a veiled power there, and we can unveil it…

Yep…More interesting material… Not the same old stuff for sure. So why not join us? You’re sure to get your money’s worth in new information, interesting people, and great social stuff.

And please share SOTAnews with your friends. If this sounds good to you, it may sound good to them too. And if they’re your friends, they’ll no doubt be our friends too.

More next week. Have a good one.