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SOTA 10 April 2018

Hi Everybody,
If you’re interested in other worlds and spiritual subjects, Friday at SOTA is for you! We will have two amazing presentations that will be both different and geared to spiritual seekers, presented by two very popular speakers.

Dawn Silver, Your Birth Chart’s Reincarnation Story

Astrology reveals rich metaphorical themes using the twelfth house planets and rulers, nodes, midpoints, degrees, asteroids, Moon memory, conception point, and more to understand past lives of relevance. A hands-on journey to excavate and dig up some planetary dirt!

Dawn has presented this workshop many times — generally to full houses — and always has generated rave reviews. She has not presented it here before. And of course it’s always a little different, depending on participants.So now it’s YOUR turn to experience it…

Then  later that evening,

Patty Mac,  Experience Mediumship: An Interactive Workshop

Mediumship is about providing proof of the existence of the afterlife. In this interactive demonstration you will learn what it’s like to receive a message from someone in the spirit world. You will also  learn how to give a message from someone in the spirit world.  Everybody has the ability to connect as  a medium In this demonstration Patty Mac will show you key points and how to do it. Learn to be your own medium for family and friends!

As I mentioned last week, Patty drew raves last year. And you asked for two hours. So here it is, and there WILL be messages. Only for the most part, it will be you giving them. Experience Mediumship is included in the Deluxe registration package. But you can also sign up for it separately, for only $25 US now or $35 at the door.  Day-trippers  take note! And yes, we expect the AFAN Hospitality Room to be open afterwards so you can share your experiences and come back down to.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to buy a single-session ticket for Dawn’s workshop. That hasn’t been decided yet. But you’ll probably be able to get a half-day ticket at the door. More about that at a later date.

Meanwhile, please spread the word and let your friends know about these great workshops and SOTA in general. And note that you need not be an astrologer to get something out of Patty’s lecture. So don’t forget to tell your non-astrological friends!

See you next week with more goodies! Meanwhile, let’s all pray for Spring to show herself!


SOTA 5 April 2018

Hi Everybody,

I hope you all have enjoyed a good Passover and/or good Easter.
This week we’re featuring Baris Ilhan. She will be at SOTA from Turkey, so we’re going to keep her busy while she’s here so you can all experience her warmth and wonderful teaching style as well as the vast scope of her knowledge, beginning with a Pre-conference Thursday morning. Her topic???

Pre Conference, Baris Ilhan

“Mercury, Mars & Venus: The use of the Inner Planets as Agents for Improvement

From the ancient texts we learn that the sources of volitional acts are three powers: carnal (Venus), wrath (Mars) and speech (Mercury). 13th Century astrologer Nasiredin Tusi says that although other powers (Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn) are at their perfection, Mercury, Mars and Venus can be trained towards their perfection. During the workshop we will take a closer look at those planets and see how we can combine them in a way that carries us to loyalty, fidelity, compassion, love, submission, trust and joy.”

This is new material and perhaps a somewhat different take on the personal planets. There’s something worthwhile here for everybody. And since you’re here already, why not stick around for Kelly Surtee’s Pre-Conference on The Power of Prediction and then head to our Opening with Keynote Speaker Ryhan Butler where there’ll be good nibblies (hot and cold — not just pretzels and chips — and a cash bar.

Baris will be back bright and early Friday morning:

The Fourth House: Our Grave or Our Treasure?

The house of home, parents and roots, can also represents the hidden things, treasures and graves. We will see how this house can be our grave in a symbolical sense and how we can turn it into a treasure by working on the issues of the sign there.
(Intermediate or Advanced)

I’ve actually heard this one somewhere, probably at an NCGR conference years back. Again, very worthwhile and not the same old stuff.

After that, you can hear Michael Barwick on Huber Aspects and Their Patterns and have a light lunch at the same time.

And if you’re staying until Saturday, you may also want to hear Experience Mediumship: An Interactive Workshop with Patty Mac. Now most of you regulars know that we have generally had a reading night with free readings from various mediums. And that’s generally been well-received. But every now and then we have to try something different so nobody gets bored. And last year, I was inundated with feedback saying “More time for Patty Mac, please.” And since slots were at a premium, this was our solution. So there will be learning and there will be messages, but this year you may be surprised to find that you’re giving a message yourself! As Patty says, “Anyone can be a medium if they do the work”. So you’ll be doing the work — fun work, I might add — and hopefully everyone will reap the benefits. And then when it’s over, you can take yourself to the AFAN hospitality suite (in all likelihood hosted by the amazing Terry Johnson again) and enjoy some other spirits. More on Patty’s presentation — including a full blurb — and more on the hospitality suite in future issues, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, Patty’s workshop is included in Deluxe registration packages and the AFAN hospitality suite will be open to all attendees.

…And that brings us to Saturday. You can start Saturday with some Qigong with Susi Rosinski and then partake of any one of a number of good lectures while you’re waiting to hear Baris at 4:30. How about Sedna Consciousness: The Soul’s Path of Destiny by Alan Clay? Or maybe that luncheon lecture we talked about — Aftermath: Living in a Post-Mars-Square-Uranus World with Julie Simmons. Or Universal Nakshastra with Ehsan Khazani. All good material material and none of these will be done at UAC. We don’t like leftovers any more than you do! That’s not what you pay for and that’s not what we offer. And there are plenty of other topics if these don’t grab you.

And last but not least, Baris will be presenting at 4:30 pm.

The Veiled Power of the Twelfth House Planets

Ascendant, 12th house is one of the most debilitated houses and the planets posited there are considered ineffectual. In a way this is true, but what if there is a veiled power there, and we can unveil it…

Yep…More interesting material… Not the same old stuff for sure. So why not join us? You’re sure to get your money’s worth in new information, interesting people, and great social stuff.

And please share SOTAnews with your friends. If this sounds good to you, it may sound good to them too. And if they’re your friends, they’ll no doubt be our friends too.

More next week. Have a good one.

SOTA 27 March 2018

Hi Everybody,

Well, the bad news is that the first registration cut-off has come and gone. However, we are trying to keep SOTA affordable, so the increases to Deluxe and Full packages are small, as are increases for luncheon lectures. There have been no increases to Pre or Post Conference fees as yet. So while we’re a bit more expensive, you’re still getting a pretty good deal. And we actually exceeded our target for early bird reg in terms of numbers. However, most of our reg at this point is from our wonderful and committed regulars.

And while we love our regulars, it would be nice to add some new attendees to the mix. And while I am including some new people in these mailings, I simply don’t know everybody. So could you do me a favor? Please let people know about SOTA. Share SOTAnews. Put a link on your website. Tell your students. Yes, many may be going to UAC, but some may not be for one reason or another. And they may be happy to find a little gem of a conference like SOTA. So please spread the word!

Meanwhile, I am happy to report that Kelly Surtees’ Pre-Conference is filling very rapidly. In fact, if it keeps filling at this rate, it could actually sell out. That said, right now there’s room and the rate hasn’t gone up, so if you want to be sure you have a space, you might want to register for this one now. It could very well be full by the time you get to the conference with plans to register at the door. I’ll keep you posted, but consider yourself forewarned! Oh, and just in case you can’t remember what she’s presenting, here’s the blurb again:

Kelly Surtees

The Power of Prediction, Pre-Conference

Discover how to time major life changes with astrology. Kelly will show you how to combine forecasting techniques like transits, progressions and firdaria, and guide you through the best ways to share your insights with clients. What do you say? How do you say it? Includes info on Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn.As you can see, this is going to be an extremely useful presentation, regardless of whether you’re a modern or a traditional astrologer. Don’t miss out! And don’t forget that Kelly will also be presenting on Friday. Here’s a description of that 2-hour talk:

What Should I Do With my Life?

What houses, planets and aspects really describe and define career? Where and how do we find life direction in the chart? Are there any special planetary phases or configurations to consider? Join Kelly for a deep dive into career and life direction through astrology.

Career is one of those topics that every consulting astrologer needs to have a good handle on. This presentation will offer you a good place to start!

Michael Barwick

Huber Aspects and Their Patterns, Luncheon Lecture

If you’re planning on heading to Michael Barwick’s luncheon lecture on Huber Aspects and Their Patterns, please bear in mind that as of today that one is 50% filled. We will not be able to add seats and this will not be recorded. So your best bet is to sign up soon, because I have a feeling space will be extremely limited, if, in fact, it is available at all come June.

Call for Vendors

I would also note that this is our first call for vendors. I’ve had a few suggestions already and will be contacting those people, but if you know someone with a good product, let me know. Our people tend to like oils, crafts, and originals of all types. If you know someone who might be a fit for our trade room, please have them get in touch with me. We’d love to have a good variety of product.

And on that note, I’ll wish you a good week and a happy Easter or Passover.


SOTA 8 March 2018

Hi Everybody,

We’re running late this week due to my birthday celebrations, but we don’t lack news.

Earlybird Registration Deadline

First of all, we’re now in March and March 21 is the last date for the early bird registration rates. So if you’re still sitting on the fence, you might want to jump down before the rates go up. Right now we’re 2 registrations short of our March 21 target; getting those two registrations will save me enormous stress.

Unlike UAC, there is no organization funding or backing me. Which as why as little as two registrations can make a difference. I know some people will go to UAC. And I know none of you have unlimited funds. So I am ever so grateful for all of you who have signed up and are supporting us. We are an option for those of you who either can’t afford UAC or prefer a smaller, more intimate conference. We are also an option for new regional speakers, which is important, because if you can’t get conference experience locally, you’re unlikely to go further afield.

We also try to bring in high-quality speakers and focus on friendliness and fun without a huge amount of glitz or pretense. And we’ve received stellar feedback from past speakers, current speakers, and attendees alike. So I AM hoping you’ll join us. No glitz, no pretense, just good, solid, astrology.

John Green

Like John Green, for example. John is from England where he teaches for Liz Greene’s school and on-line.He has been involved with astrology for over 25 years. His material is solid and his presentation is excellent. And he is doing not only a 2-hour presentation on Mars on Saturday, but also a 3-hour Post-Conference on Monday. Here’s his post-conference topic:

Post-Conference Topic: Practical Synastry — Making Synastry Work for You and Your Client’s Relationships

Synastry gives us a wealth of information about the relationship between two people, but how can we use it effectively with our clients or our own relationships? In this practical workshop, we will explore how to use the natal chart and synastry to help us understand relationships and make them work.

John also has a book Do You Love Me? The Astrology of Relationships. And yes, we hope to have this in the trade room.

And just in case you missed it the first time, here’s his 2-hour main conference offering, which will be on Saturday afternoon:

Saturday Afternoon: Gods of War — Reclaiming the Mars Warrior – John Green

Will, drive, aggression, overt masculinity. These words have negative connotations in our modern world. The warrior has been demoted to a safe fictional character or demonized in war. In this re-evaluation of Mars, we look at its importance to us all and the problems arising if we ignore it.

Some of you know I wrote a book on Mars many years ago on a similar theme. It’s still important and it’s good to see it revisited.

John will be doing one hour and a quarter lecture at UAC, but not on either of these topics.

And yes, you’re probably safe to sign up for this on-site, though it will cost you more. But there will be BIG rooms for both the Pre and Post Conference workshops, so there will probably be room. Unless, of course, John is such a hit at UAC that it sells out after that. However, these days, that kind of stardom is rare in astrology…

Alan Clay – Sedna: the Soul’s Path of Destiny

Last but not least, if you’re coming in for Saturday and are interested in hearing people from overseas, I would remind you that Alan Clay will be doing a two-hour presentation on Sedna: the Soul’s Path of Destiny. Alan is not lecturing at UAC at this point. He hails from New Zealand and this is original work, so you might want to catch him while he’s here.

Single-day tickets are available now. There will probably also be half-day tickets available at the door, but again you’ll pay more.

OK, off I go for another week. Have a great weekend folks…


SOTA 28 Feb 2018

Hi Everyone,

Please give a big welcome to our staff: Pam Wenzel, registrar, Char Preston (aka Mrs. Sara’s mother), assistant registrar, Sara Cartwright, recordings, Jo Gleason, program book and social media coordinator, and Karen Sully, webmistress. And our monitors and tapers: Angie Agnoni, Heather Gronachan, Mo Saladin, Wende Sharma, Wendy Tutt, and Suki Seagull and Debbie Jocko. This conference wouldn’t happen without these people.

Now that staff is confirmed, I’ll be looking at vendors. So if you’re a vendor, stay tuned. If you want to be a vendor, or if you know someone you think would be ideal, message me.

Michael Barwick

And now I’m happy to announce that Michael Barwick is back as a speaker. And he’s got a topic I think a lot of you will be interested in. Here it is:

Many Happy Returns!

Every year, the Sun returns to the point where it was when you were born, on or near your birthday and charts cast for that moment are called solar returns. Did you know that there are two such points a chart can be cast: the natal position of the Sun and the precessed position of the Sun? This means every person has two Solar Return horoscopes for any given year. Join with Michael as he explores the meanings and applications of these two kinds of returns.

Nobody talks much about the differences between precessed and unprecessed returns. So if solar returns interest you, why not come to this? You may learn something.

And meanwhile, here’s a description of that luncheon lecture I’ve been telling you to keep your eye on:

Luncheon: Huber Aspects and Their Configurations

The Huber system of psychological astrology holds that aspect patterns in themselves have motivational significance. This luncheon talk will introduce Huber notions about the different kinds of aspects and how to approach interpreting them when they combine into different configurations. Although there are a lot of possible configurations, Michael will present some simple principles for synthesis of the major patterns.

Huber was very popular maybe 10 years ago. You hear less about it now, perhaps because both Hubers have left us. However, there’s even software specifiically designed for working with the Huber system. And the principles used here can be used no matter what your system of astrology. Join Michael for lunch, explore these ideas, and see how they work in your chart.

Meanwhile, please share SOTAnews with your friends. As always, we have something to offer at an affordable price.