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SOTA 21 April 2017

Hi Everyone,

Last week was not a good week for getting newsletters out. If you missed yours, I apologize. However it IS up on the web site.

Meanwhile, let’s move  on…

First of all, I am trying to schedule a site inspection. One of the things I will be dealing with is the banquet menu. We try very hard to accommodate everyone, but frankly this year we could use a little help. Our vegan contact at the hotel has left. Demetrius has also moved on to other things. So if somebody out there is vegan and would like to liaise with the hotel and me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I will be addressing the too much salt issue we had last year. And maybe the tough roast beef, though the easiest thing there might be just to forego roast beef… Anyway, if you’re a vegan and want to work with us on this, please contact me. Otherwise, you could be disappointed. The rest of us are carnivores….

Also an early reminder that vendor’s fees are due June 1st. After that I will release space. And fees are in US funds. Cheques are the preferred option for this.

Featured Speaker: Naomi Bennett

And now let’s look at a one of our lectures….Naomi Bennett hails from Texas and is a new speaker this year, for us, anyway. She HAS lectured for a number of NCGR Chapters. Her topic is The Great Debate of House Rulerships, and she has some interesting ideas to share:

The Great Debate of House Rulerships

Astrologers have been arguing about house rulerships for most of the 20th century and it’s still not over. Naomi Bennett discusses her discoveries to verify the ancient  design left to us from the Hellenistic Egyptians that fit the ancient astrological design perfectly. But what about the modern design? Do we just ignore it? This lecture will either settle the debate or just stir up the pot some more.

Ain’t nothin’ like a bit of controversy to liven up a Sunday and get us ready for lunch. Bring your open mind and join Naomi!

And on that note, I am off to work on other things. Have a good week and enjoy that sunshine!



SOTA 16 April 2017

Hi All,

I had some questions about the opening, and also about pricing in general, so let’s start out with those.

About the Prices

First of all, pricing. All fees are in US dollars. And yes, I live in Canada and I would love to give Canadians a price break. However, the reality is that speakers are paid in US funds (including the Canadians), the hotel charges us in US funds, and giving Canadians a price break could very well leave SOTA with a deficit.

And yes, when I looked, it seems we had left the US dollar notice off our flyer. Jo has fixed that. (Download the new flyer.) Sorry for any confusion.

About the Opening Ceremonies

Secondly, I have had questions about the opening. First of all, David’s talk will not be taped. You’ll need to be there. And you would be best to pre-register for it, because no, I can’t guarantee there’ll be space at the door.

We try very hard to have a nice array of food for the opening, and we have to order that in advance. We tend NOT to order a lot extra because we don’t like waste of either food or money. So the best way to ensure that you have a space at the opening is to pre-register.

Your $30 US fee covers both the nibblies and David’s talk. Food for the mind AND the body. And those who have attended before know that this is not just a bunch of chips and veggies and dips. We try to have a nice array of hot and cold appetizers for all.

So please help us do that by reserving in advance. While we sometimes get cancellations that open up spaces, we can’t guarantee that. In fact, last year we didn’t have any. And yes, if for some reason you only want to attend the opening, you can do that, but again you have to pre-register.

About our Booksellers

Third, is the big news. We now officially have not one but two booksellers — Kathryn Aunger and Rosemary Tayler of Earth Haven Learning Centre. They have done book tables before and know how to make an attractive and easily-browsed table.

And in addition to the speaker’s books, some other books worth noting, and Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide, they will be bringing their own Lunar Gardening Wall Calendar (and apparently Gary Caton had a bit of a behind the scenes hand on this), and probably a few books on lunar gardening, gardening by the planets, and growing herbs.

I think these will be a nice addition and the time is certainly right to look at gardening topics. And another nice addition is they take credit cards. So please welcome Kathryn and Rosemary aboard and plan on visiting them in the trade room. (And yes, there will be more time between lectures this year so you can do a good browse…) Note, however, that there will be no used books this year. My apologies to you bargain-hunters. Sometimes you can’t have everything…

About Divination Night

We are still in need of readers for divination night. I would prefer volunteers, but I DO have a list of people to call on if I’m stuck. And yes, we will take psychics, mediums, runes, horary, or any divination tool. However, we already have a couple of Tarot readers on board, so something other than Tarot would be our preference.

More About the Trade Room

We also have some space in the trade room still. Best to contact me soon on that one though. Now that we have a bookseller, I would like to get on with finalizing.

Featured Speaker: Armand Diaz

And last but not least, a reminder that Armand Diaz is back. Some of you weren’t too happy he wasn’t there last year. So this year, you can be happy again. Here’s his topic:

Relationship Transits: Crossing Paths

Our lives have continuity. Astrologers tend to focus on the specific duration of a transit, yet each transit both reverberates from past experiences and transforms us for the future. In this workshop we will delve into the area of relationship transits, discovering how both natal chart potentials and past transits weave together a complex tapestry of experiences that helps to create our relationship life.

How’s that? I don’t need to tell you that Armand is an excellent speaker. Do I need to tell you he is the author of Separating Aspects, which is on relationship astrology? Well, I just did, just in case.

And on that note, I’ll wish you all a good week!




SOTA 5 April 2017

Hi Everyone,


OK, some bits of news, not all of which are SOTA-related.

Ray Merriman and the Canadian Dollar

First of all, I’ve been in touch with Ray Merriman. As some of you may know, Ray publishes an excellent forecast book each year. It has absolutely everything you might want in a forecast-book including an ephemeris and astro-calendar, forecasts for each sign, major aspects for the year and a discussion of same, lists of favorable and challenging dates (including Mercury — and this year Venus — retrogrades) and forecasts for various currencies — the US, of course, and this year the British pound, but also the yen, the euro, and the Swiss franc.

And these may be very helpful for some people, but as I ask him every year, what about the Canadian dollar. That’s the one I need to know about. And some of my friends on the US side of the border could probably also use this too to plan vacations, shopping trips, and similar excursions. I have stuck with this forecast-book and nagged for several years and finally have gotten a positive response from Ray.

Specifically, if he can get 20 subscribers from Canada, he will see that our dollar is covered.

Now I will warn you, this book isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny in our lousy devalued dollars. It would be even better with a Canadian dollar forecast. So if this interests you, let Ray know. Better still, subscribe and let Ray know. This is a much-needed report —and added to the other information here, it would make a good reference a near-perfect one. So let Ray know you’re interested, huh? You’ll be doing us all a favor!

Divination Night

Secondly, one more reader has committed to Divination Night. More details will follow when I get her registration.

Book Seller

Third — and boy am I happy about this one — we MAY have a bookseller. We have a tentative agreement which I’m hoping we will finalize on the 9th. The person is someone I’ve known for many years, and she HAS attended SOTA in the past, so she knows what we are about. I haven’t met her business partner, so some of the call on the 9th is to talk to her…

Donna Van Toen at Astrology Toronto

Fourth, I am honored to be doing an all-day workshop for Astrology Toronto on September 18th to kick of their season. Topic: Transiting Uranus: Deconstruction and Reconstruction.

Please note that very little of the material I am covering in the SOTA lecture will be covered in this workshop. The focus in the SOTA lecture is transits through the houses, with a brief look at transits to the angles and the Vertex. The AT workshop will look at transiting Uranus and its aspects to natal planets, the nodes, Chiron, and if time and interest permit, Ceres and the other major asteroids. So the two are very different aside from them both emphasizing Uranus. I’m hoping I’ll see many of you at one of these events or another.

Featured Speaker: Donna Van Toen

And since we’re talking about my SOTA talks, we may as well talk about Meet Your Inner Pantheon which I’m offering at SOTA on Sunday. Here’s the blurb:

Meet Your Inner Pantheon

Planets are archetypes, based to some extent on the gods and goddesses of old. Signs are also archetypal energies. What gods,goddesses, or more modern archetypes reside within you??? Let’s explore! Bring your chart with aspectarian, along with your imagination and your sense of humor. This is meant to be fun and perhaps a bit magical.

Featured Speaker: Jessica Lanyadoo

And Jessica Lanyadoo is back too! Jessica is rapidly becoming a SOTA favorite. Here’s a description of one of her two lectures:

High Times & Addiction in the Chart

Join Jessica Lanyadoo to look at what planets govern which drugs, and why. Can you be moderate or are you slated to a messy relationship with adult candy? We’ll explore addiction, high times, and maintenance substance use from an astrological perspective in this fun and non-judgmental talk, suitable for all levels.

This could be very interesting since I would hazard a guess that most of us have either had a messy relationship with adult candy or know someone who has. Jessica’s about the only person I can think of who can make addiction entertaining while giving you some solid tips from an astrological perspective. Come and join in this interesting discussion!

Note that Jessica is also doing a lecture on Saturn. More about that another time…

And on that note, I will wish you a good week. Stay warm and dry, huh?



SOTA 29 March 2017

Hi Everyone,

Divination Night

Not much news this month. We’re STILL  looking for readers for Divination night. Thanks to our latest recruit, Cassandra Butler who will be joining us.  Cassandra does mediumship, among other things. If YOU are coming and would like to show off your divination skills of one type or another, contact me. Right now we DO have room. And while this doesn’t pay, it DOES allow you to get the word out about your abilities. And that could lead to more business, perhaps at the conference or perhaps at a later date.

Featured Staff: Pam Wenzel and Charlene Preston

And just a mention that we have a new reg desk crew this year. Pam Wenzel ably assisted by Charlene Preston (aka Mrs. Sara’s mother) will be running the reg desk and ready to assist you. Pam has a fair bit of experience as registrar at GLAC, so she knows the ropes. And Charlene is friendly and willing to assist. You can rest assured that they will have a schedule handy at all times and will be able to direct you to the room you want courteously and promptly.

And one of the things on my wish list for the hotel this year is some kind of prominent signage to direct people to the rooms. We will also look at our own signage if I can get a volunteer to do it. We DO want you to get to the lectures on time…

Featured Speaker: Brad Kochunas

Meanwhile, let’s look at another lecture:

Twelfth House/Neptune/Pisces: That in Which We Live, Move and Have Our Being

What is the depth psychological function of this triumvirate? We may discover this best through a sudden glimpse, a nuanced whisper, or a poetic fragment, and yet myth tells us Poseidon is also bringer of oceanic storm, quaking lands, and overpowering ecstasy. How are we to grasp the ungraspable?

Brad as you probably know, is one of our regulars.  His topics are usually provocative and psychological.  This is a new one and a bit of a digression from his usual material, but as usual you can expect depth and insight. That’s why we keep asking him back…


OK, more news next week or perhaps the week after. At the moment I am looking at a time to schedule my first visit to the hotel…



SOTA 21 March 2017

Hi All,

Wanted: Bookseller

At  this time, SOTA is once again looking for a bookseller. This is a good gig for an entrepreneurial type who likes people  and books, but it DOES require you to invest in some inventory — calendars, for example. And possibly a few books. A great many of the speakers’ books are sold on consignment, but we sometimes need other books as well. You can buy those wholesale and sell them retail. And you can even return what you do not sell for a refund. You can also augment your inventory  with gently-used books if you have  some. And we are happy to  show you the ropes, suggest books that will sell, and whatever else  you need us to do.

I did this job myself for many years and never lost money. I’m prepared to do it again if no  one comes forward to  take it   on, but it’s not ideal given that I am running the conference and sometimes have to be away from the table. So I would love to  hear from anyone  who might be interested in taking this on. Email me and I’ll fill  you in. Not only  can you make money, it’s a great way to meet people, because absolutely  everybody hits the book table at some point.

Wanted: Gem Vendor

We additionally are still looking for a gem vendor and have one space open for another vendor as well. Again, if you’re interested, contact me.

Wanted: More Attendees!

Last but not least, we could very definitely use more attendees. We have banners available that you can put on your email; contact Wendy and she’ll help you attach them. Or you can simply share  this and other newsletters or direct people to

And yes, I’m talking to YOU! I know everyone assumes that someone else will do it. They might not. At the moment, we need about 30 attendees. If everyone got just one friend to come, we would be very happy. So how about it? Give it a try! Nothing ventured,  nothing gained. And you would make us very happy… You’d  also help us keep next year’s prices down…

Featured Staff: Jo Gleason

We have gotten very good feedback on our flyer, which is the work of Jo Gleason. Jo is a freelance graphic designer and she worked very hard to create what we wanted. Now it COULD be that you’re looking for a graphic designer yourself. Just email me. I’d be happy  to put you in touch with Jo. We need to support one another in  this field.

And speaking of design, last year the program was a bit of a mess. That was a case of two people who had far too much on their respective plates. And one of those people has since stepped down. So it’s up to Jo and I to see to it that the same problem doesn’t happen this year. We will be starting on the program very soon. And while there are always last-minute changes, Jo and I are going to see that this year we’re not missing information  and have the right lecture descriptions and other information.

OK, enough of that!  Let’s look at just one of the lectures people will be missing by not attending.

Featured Speaker: Inge Lohse

Trip Charts

An astrological chart set for the time of leaving  on a trip  has a story to tell. Timing is everything. By  utilizing astrology to  plan your  next adventure, you can avoid adversities, become aware of the potentials,and see the eventual outcome of your travels. Handouts  provided.

Years ago, nobody  would think of heading out to a conference without doing a trip chart. And at some point we would all get together and swap stories. It was fun, and the charts were uncanny,  However,  nobody seems to do these anymore. Inge may remedy  this. And lest you think that this is yet more head-trip stuff, let me tell you  that not only is Inge a great traveler, she often flies her own  plane. As a pilot, she of course wants to know about the weather conditions, among other things. And these charts give that information and more.

As for her knowledge, Inge has probably forgotten more than many of us knew in the first place. She is bright, she is funny,  and she has 40-some years of astrology under her belt. So DO check this one out… And maybe next year we can resuscitate that tradition of comparing trip charts. It was also great fun…

OK, running  late this week so shall keep this short and sweet. For those of you who can register before 10 pm Eastern, you can save yourself a bit of money. For those who can’t, it will cost you $15 US extra. Still good value. Join us!